To create a stylish interior designers are increasingly turning to the style of the Renaissance, coming up with the proper conditions.
Renaissance in the history of art is called an extended period - from the XIV and XVI century ending. It is divided into several stages: the exposition - the earliest, the climax - the highest, the denouement - the late Renaissance. Reborn, respectively, antiquity. Architects in a new way alter the canons of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, painters and sculptors learned from the ancient masters of plastic and color. It was in this period gained independence secular art, and began to attach special importance to the private interiors, which gave impetus to the development of the furniture business.
Modern furniture manufacturers, especially manufacturers working in the classical direction, increasingly focus on the ancient craft techniques and methods practiced for centuries. Consequently, increased and interest in the culture of the Renaissance, when they received a powerful development technology.
Modern furniture - in imitation of the original - richly decorated with intricate carving, marquetry (inlaid with a mosaic of different types of wood), and inlaid with mother of pearl and ivory. The furnishings in the spirit of the Renaissance, is characterized primarily by solid, accessorize - embroidered textiles, decorative painted panels, bowls and vases of precious types of stone and fixtures with a massive gilt frame.