Italian bedroom - the luxury worthy of kings

Italian bedroom are becoming more popular every day. But let's see why in this article. The bedroom has always been considered one of the main rooms of the house or apartment, but at the same time secluded and hidden from prying eyes and superfluous. Many people believe that the design of the bedroom is not so important. But this is very misleading. You always have to understand that in the bedroom we spend about half of his life, and not only sleep, but also to relax.
The design of the bedrooms and Italy embodied grace and sophistication, as in all countries is considered a luxury Italian furniture king.

Italian bedroom - luxurious and profitable

The Italian furniture upholstery fabrics used gorgeous and artfully manufactured frame and elegant finish - it's all for a bedroom from Italy. Today, everyone wants to have this unique opportunity to become the happy owner of an Italian bedroom. In the furniture stores you will find a stunning selection of excellent Italian quality furniture.
Today, in our showrooms of Italian furniture "Dynasty" and "Venice" you can find Italian bedrooms for every taste. You will like the incomparable classic, and the best examples from Italy and has modern style - the range is able to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.
Bedrooms from Italy are usually performed in a classical or modern style from selected cherries, decorated with inlaid inlays of precious red or lemon tree. Head of the bed can be made of solid cherry wood and decorated with elegant wrought, oval mirror-plated bronze with crystal. Each bedroom has an opportunity to complete the lifting mechanism.
Facades of drawers bedside tables and chests of drawers, dressing table are often made of laminated bent wood, cornices and rounded off with hand. The bottoms and sides can be made of birch. Built-in bedroom can have a protruding central portion and wooden columns on the sides. The central wing are decorated with inlays of wood decorative carvings, repeating the full head forging headboard. A pouf and cushions can be ordered in any of the tissues, combined with headboard.
Italian bedroom - it's reliable, luxurious, durable, high quality, and always beneficial. You can not make the right choice?
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