The classic European fixtures

Exclusive European fixtures and chandeliers - is samples brought to perfection the classic world of style, from the most ancient times and ending with decadence. A selection of materials designed to emphasize the diversity of models of lamps. Applicable for this alloy are painted various shades of golden and silver patinated bronze and weathered metal. Equally diverse and glass shades, from a molded ceiling, crystal pendants for.

All collections are very different European factories to their stylistic solutions and materials manufacturing. Because each collection has its range, it allows them to be used in the development of various lighting projects of apartments and private homes as well as hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

Magnificent specimens of chandeliers and candelabra, floor lamps and sconces are performed in factories in Spain, Germany and Italy. The exceptional quality of manual labor and the use of old methods of processing metals, including bronze casting in the ground, further manual polishing and interesting use of natural stone and crystal, Murano glass making elite European fixtures in a classical style artwork.

European fixtures - quality and sophistication

Many European factories characteristic thoroughness finishing and noble luxury design lamps and chandeliers. Strict classic chandeliers with shades made of natural stone and lamps in the style of floristry with lovely shades in the form of a flower from Murano glass chandelier with candles restrained and elegant crystal chandeliers - all these lamps have elegant lines and perfect proportions.

The latest trend in the design of lamps - these are the ideas of the last century, the style of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Perfect styling collection under the so fashionable styles made today welcome the use of elegant chandeliers and floor lamps, sconces in private interiors and design showrooms and shops, hotels and offices. A top quality casting and special treatmen that allows to give different shades of bronze, as well as the use of a variety of glass diffusers allows to create unique interiors.

However, the basic trend of modern design classic luxury European fixtures - this diversity.