Exclusive lamps Italy

Exclusive lamps Italy, showing such ease and grace, made of clear or frosted glass will certainly become an important "highlight" of your home.

The model number of accessories that are a classic area of ​​exclusive lamps, contains elements of the aristocratic, artistic, romantic style, as well as floristry and country.

Exclusive lamps Italy. Modern collection

Using each composition submitted to date collection of lamps - you can fill the interior comfort of your room and create the most comfortable atmosphere for living. A different aperture lamps lighting sources allows to select the most appropriate composition of the light from blinding light to the front of the chamber dimmed lighting.

The production cycle of exclusive lamps Italy has the following plan: after manufacturing bronze details, and it passes the mandatory sandblasting method for surface treatment of the required quality. The product is then sent to the metalwork shop, where by means of automated processes are cutting machines and drilling, milling. The final stage acts polished manually.

For the main parts by injection (it bases chandeliers, horns and wheels) is used 100% bronze. A smaller part (upper bowl or chain links) are made by machining from a variety of metal alloys, and then painted in bronze color.

All models of fixtures from Italy made only by exclusive design development known companies owning a patent for the manufacture of fine textures and successful designs.

All the chandeliers and exclusive lamps Italy, made famous Italian company, complemented by a medal, which shows and guarantees that the product has been made in the application of this bronze and proprietary technologies.