Crystal chandeliers - decoration of every house

Wherever crystal chandeliers are, they always serve a decorative element of the architecture and not just decoration premises. By themselves, crystal lamps are able to create an impressive atmosphere to each interior, and thanks to the variety of models such chandeliers and easily adapted for any architectural styles.

 Crystal lamps are a symbol of good taste, wealth, nobility, they are no less prestigious than the most expensive jewelry.

Modern exclusive crystal chandeliers

The Company's production of crystal chandeliers, mostly aimed at the production of lighting fixtures (chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps) for residential projects and lighting (design chandelier or chandeliers whole ensemble for a specific project of the lobby and restaurant, a concert hall or a private houses).

Projects fixtures go through all the stages: design lamp or lamps, the creation of models of individual parts, then technical drawing, production, installation and subsequent maintenance of already.

The main objective of the company for the production of lamps today is the preservation of the first places in the world for the production of crystal exclusive classic and modern decorative lighting fixtures, continuous improvement of the level of service for all customers chandeliers.

Crystal chandeliers are all processes of production and processing of glass: melting, forming, grinding, polishing glass - visible in the finished product a nice shine and optical purity of the crystal.

It should pay particular attention to the vast range of mass-produced lamps. Mainly each lamp is made in accordance with all common style category to which he belongs.

As of today, crystal chandeliers are executed in different styles, designs and solutions using a variety of materials and colors. For example, the fixture may be made of crystal glass in a single color and multiple colors contrasting glasses or even smooth overflow glass color.

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