Italian leather furniture

Italian leather furniture in the house has always been considered a sign of sophisticated taste and a testimony to the success, as well as an element of prestige. It fits well in almost any environment, while allowing to create an individual style of the room.

Leather - a natural material. And she has a lot of unique features. First of all, the skin environmentally friendly and helps to maintain a favorable microclimate in the house, it does not release into the environment of hazardous substances. This material is breathable well, stands strength, high wear resistance. In addition, leather furniture is practical, since caring for it is simple. The skin can be washed and cleaned sparing drugs.

Of course, that such quality genuine leather fully apparent, Italian masters treated her and excrete a special technique. So, tanning material produced using plant extracts. In this case, retained its natural structure. Dressing receive high-quality, toxic substances in the finished product are not available. Special ways of processing the material increases moisture of the skin, improve its structure and enhance color.

Italian leather furniture. Modern manufacturing techniques of furniture

In order to give the skin a certain color tone on the Italian factories used aniline dyes. A method of applying them has its technological features. The paint permeates the entire thickness of the material through the pores, while not closing them. Thus, finished leather "breathes", and its texture and pattern are the same. Italian leather furniture has a beautiful, uniform color color. And even after a time color does not fade and does not tarnish. Retains all its originality.

These innovative techniques allow craftsmen from Italy to create high-quality leather furniture, which is rich in variety and exclusivity, great design, long service life. Leather furniture in this wonderfully soft and pleasant to the touch, it is different fine-grained structure. The material has a rich color from soothing warm tones to bright and unusual combinations. With natural attrition painting retains its strength. All of the furniture for the house of Italy differs neat and straight, almost invisible seams. As there are no overlaps or furniture holes on the needles. Basically perform double seams.

However, in a private house furniture from Italy itself is the most reliable frame construction. As a rule, it is made of solid wood and carefully customized. After this frame are tested for stability, strength, static and dynamic loads. Even after a long time of such structures are deformed and creak crack is not depending on the intensity of their operation.

In the bulk of Italian leather furniture for a country house is the best choice with respect for money. It absolutely every detail is executed at the highest professional level.