Choosing a kitchen - classic or high-tech?


The main design trends in the design of modern cuisine is traditional classics and more innovative high-tech. Both the first and second set basic rules of style in furniture fashion, while leaving far behind the Provence style, modern and french style. Fine cuisine in a classic or innovative style will not leave anyone indifferent. It is stylish, comfortable and quality furniture.

Classical furniture for kitchens different monumental facades and dress uniform, and luxury finishes. It uses solid wood or MDF, then there are many carved ornaments and stained glass of colored glass or gold-plated handles. This furniture has usually light colors. It used a light lacquer finish or not overshadow the texture and color of wood. Tabletops are made mostly of wood, which is processed protective compounds.

Sometimes classical furniture set used technique so characteristic of the furniture in the style of Provence. Wood surfaces were aged artificially. They can see the simulation wormholes, knots and scuffs. It's just a way to give respectability product. Classic luxury kitchens from Italy equipped with stainless steel sink and a standard package, which must include hood, cutlery dividers and heated towel rail.

Furniture high-level people usually prefer leisurely and practical, calm disposition and measured rhythm of life. All those who are so attracted to certain family gentility, comfort and stability.

What are the elite cuisine in high-tech?

High-tech style is not like the French style, at the Nouveau and Art Deco. It is clearly apparent maximum convergence of functionality in the space of rational forms and lines. In elite furniture of this style is dominated by more rigid and straight plane, glass and chrome elements. However, such an elite furniture very cozy, very comfortable and convenient.

For the manufacture of the facades are often used stainless steel and tempered glass, but the wooden parts almost all the time hidden inside, they do not play a major role in the design of the kitchen. Built-in high-end furniture abound such automated lifting devices and shock absorbers, various sections for dishes, kitchen items.

Kitchen in a modern high-tech style is usually chosen by all those who appreciate the convenience, functionality and comfort, but at the same time constantly strives for perfection in everything.