Luxurious Furniture. Who buys luxury Italian furniture?

Not so long ago the world was made another study of contemporary furniture market. Studied was elite furniture, which becomes in Ukraine and Russia are increasingly popular. And the results of the research have been very curious.

Thus, among all buyers of luxury furniture 52% are women and 48% - the male part of the population. As a rule, furniture specialized salons visit families and couples who live separately from their parents or relatives. The average age of spouse, with ranges of 25-30 years or 36-40 years. These families usually consist of 2, 3 or 4 people.

However, about a quarter of all buyers of luxury Italian furniture of different styles - these are people who are not burdened with family cares and troubles. Half of them live with their parents, while others are just lonely people.

Luxurious Italian furniture and its potential buyers

Tellingly, the bulk of all those who choose the exclusive Italian furniture, has a university degree, engage in any commercial activity. It may be banking and trade workers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well as employees of real estate agencies. However, a decent share of the judges of elite Italian furniture make scientists and representatives of various kinds of arts, as well as managers of different level. In this case, the average income of buyers of these products is close to 1.5 thousand US dollars per family member.

In addition, was still marked by a number of interesting facts. Almost 50% of all those who choose exclusive furniture and home furnishings, including Italian furniture, prone to frequent changes in the interior of your home. Such decisions buyers take under the influence of the latest fashion trends in the market, in accordance with their wishes or, if necessary, to comply with any certain unspoken rules that dominate their environment

About updates about the range of modern furniture market buyers learn through salons that sell luxury furniture, through advertising, through the media and the Internet, as well as through her friends. The main criteria for the selection of furniture for them is an exceptional design and functionality, perfect quality and brand.