Interior design

Professionally engaged in interior design, designing of houses, hotels, residences, luxury apartments around the world.

Has long experience and unimaginable possibilities in manufacturers, we create a masterpiece that will impress your imagination by magnificence, mixing of different interior design, together with famous world styles, luxury and beauty.

We invite you to visit the websites of producers: furniture, kitchens, lighting, doors handles, curtain rods and poles, porcelain and tablewarebed dress, interior decor, plumbing and accessories from leading European brands.



Realize complex support of objects during the construction and repair, carry out the choice of furniture, lighting and accessories from the best brand names.



So modern interior design house can be used as the basis of any stylistic direction known today. The most well-known styles primenyayuschiesyapri design work can be identified in the following groups;
 Classic and Roman styles, based on style is simple and well-designed forms.
 Gothic style, the use of geometric patterns and mosaic in interiors, austerity at home.
 Renaissance artistic idea in interior design, a combination of classic and new artistic techniques.
 French styles from baroque to empire, opulence, luxury and pretentious when you make internal and external decoration.
 English styles from baroque to Georgian, the combination of the European traditions and painting of natural scenery on the panels in their homes.
 American style includes mixing all styles of the European peoples.





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