Tea sets FRANCE

Tea Set - is the embodiment of comfort and warmth. He gives the table a special luxury. Well-executed dishes are made by masters who passed the secrets of their production through the ages. To date, very high-quality production of different porcelain tea set features original decor and elegance of execution.
Since the beginning of the XIX century Limoges became recognized as the capital and the center of porcelain production. Manufactory began to appear one after another, as in the most successful time for the grown plant originated Bernardaud. Limoges Traditional quality and great demand for porcelain manufactory Bernardaud provided instant success and such customers as the Empress Eugenie and the Emperor Nicholas II.
Limoges porcelain industry very quickly acquired the status of one of the world's leading manufacturers of porcelain. Haviland Limoges Manufactory is one of the oldest and most reputable factories. Since its introduction Haviland porcelain inspired designers and artists of his time, unsurpassed design and impeccable quality appreciated by the powers that be - it is known as "presidential china". This porcelain favored American Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt.
Value of porcelain and tea sets in those days reached and exceeds the value of gold. Soon, porcelain became a symbol of prosperity. French factory for the production of Limoges porcelain with a 150 year history of Raynaud was particularly known for the Russian royal family, in our time Manufactory bought Royal House of Spain, Belgium, Saudi Arabia.