Tea sets GERMANY

Have you ever been the origin of the tea set? After all, a beautiful tea set - is not only a table decoration, but also the opportunity to enjoy the process of tea.

The concept of the tea set appeared in the early 18th century as the most suitable material for the production of porcelain tea sets turned out, he held longer than the metal heat, and on the outside surface of the heated less.

Sets German manufacturers - this collectible limited edition products, which will eventually grow in value, only hand-made and hand-painted which uses precious metals of the highest order, it is the finest bone china, customers who are wealthy families of Europe and Russia.

Tea Set creates the special aura of family warmth and comfort inherent in man from time immemorial. From one century to another passed secrets of porcelain tea sets. In our time, produced a huge amount of tea sets in various shapes and sizes, and their decor is striking in its diversity. But special attention to attracting sets of German manufacturers, they have no equal in quality, so in grace execution!