Tea sets ENGLAND

It is impossible to imagine a classic English tea party without table set elegant tea service.

Generally accepted standard of refined aesthetics and quality of English is considered porcelain Wedgwood, porcelain decorated with Meeting museums, including the Hermitage and Peterhof, and is the pride of wealthy private collectors. Customers at different times there were many European royal families, including her famous lovers - Russian Empress Catherine II.

Symbol of the magnificence of English porcelain - Wedgwood - authenticity is a work of art!

Another of the most famous porcelain manufactories - Royal Crown Derby. More than 250 year history of production, supplier of porcelain for the legendary "Titanic". The company is the supplier of the English royal court for over 120 years. Royal Crown Derby - real English bone china!

The history of the famous British factory for the production of the most expensive in the world of the service connected with the name of Paul de lamer "British Faberge» XVIII century. Graceful and outstanding sets of dishes DE LAMERIE today adorn the home of Prince Jeffrey of Brunei, Sultan Aman, Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Mohammed and others.

Unique technology that distinguishes De Lamerie, - hand printed on gold porcelain. This finest work of skilled craftsmen factory arouse admiration not only experts but also fellow professionals. Exquisite engraving and partial gilding of silverware as well as dishes inlaid with precious stones have won worldwide fame and established a recognizable name De Lamerie.